The Simple Way of Playing Keno

The game of Keno has captured the hearts of most American gamblers despite of its Chinese origin. Many gamblers have mistakenly believed that the game of Keno originates from America but the truth of the matter is that the Keno game was brought into the United States by Chinese immigrants hundred of years ago.

The game of Keno started as a form of gambling with a name of racehorse Keno but as the anti-gambling law in the United States became more tight and aggressive the game of Keno has acquired several kinds of name to elude the anti-gambling law from several states until it finally settled as a game simply called as Keno that is offered in casinos operating in states where gambling is legal.

The Keno game from its Chinese roots comprise of a game with 80 Chinese characters which was later on replaced into 80 Arabic characters to make it more appealing to American gamblers with the convenience of making the game more comprehensible to the general gambling population.

Majority of Vegas and other land casinos offer Keno lounges to their playing patrons. This is the specific area where the random drawing of the winning numbers in the Keno game is carried out through an air blower that forces out a ball that carries the winning number at a random draw.

Players are able to choose from a single or up to 20 numbers to place their bets on out of the available 80 numbers to choose from. After marking the Keno cards of the numbers of their choice, the Keno player may then give their Keno cards to a Keno writer to have their chosen numbers marked and to place a corresponding bet.

Many Keno players enjoy several convenience of playing the game of Keno as any players even outside the Keno lounge like sitting in the casino restaurant are even allowed to play Keno. This is done through a relatively simple manner where a Keno runner can take the keno player's card to the Keno writer and then return the Keno ticket back to the player.

The common payout is dependent on how many numbers of the players are randomly drawn as the winning numbers. The payout percentage from the Keno game is constantly changing making it difficult to assess the average payout from the game of Keno.

It is ideal to play in a Keno game with a payback percentage of not lower than 70%. In exchange of the good patronizing efforts of casino gamblers to the Keno game, casinos finally offer a better Keno game with higher payouts through the progressive Keno game.

The game of Keno provide players a simple way of casino gambling with the same potential of winning higher jackpots as other casino games. Because of the relaxing ways of playing Keno, more gamblers are beginning to appreciate the concept of simple and relaxing Keno gambling activity.

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