Keno: How Many Numbers Should You Pick

Keno is a casino game with rules, which can be compared with that of the lottery and bingo. Keno is similar with these two games in the sense that the winning numbers are randomly picked by a computer. The keno player also picks that number on a keno ticket.

Keno is different from the lottery because keno uses a payout schedule to determine how much a player will get for the numbers that they will catch.

The keno ticket has the numbers one to eighty. In most keno games, the payers may pick one to fifteen numbers. Some special keno games allow the players to select up to twenty numbers on their ticket. This is where keno differs from playing the lottery.

You might think that since you are allowed to pick up to twenty numbers on your keno ticket, your chances of winning will increase as you increase the slots that you take.

That is not necessarily true. Picking many numbers on your keno ticket will increase your chances of having a match with the winning numbers. However, the more numbers on your keno ticket that you pick, the more matches that will be required before you get a payout.

Let's take playing for six slots on your keno ticket as an example. If you pick six numbers, three of those numbers have to match the winning numbers before you can get a payout from the casino. You have to check the keno payouts of the casino in order to determine how many numbers are required to match for the number of slots that you decide to play.

When playing keno, the best number of slots that you should play is from four to eight. If you play more than eight slots on your keno ticket, you will be required to have number matches before getting a payout. If you play lower than four slots on the keno ticket, the casino payout is low. Not to mention that the probability of those numbers to be picked is very low as well. Picking less than four numbers on your keno ticket just increases the house edge.

Another advantage of just picking up to eight slots in keno is, in case you match all the numbers, your payout on a quarter bet will not require you to pay taxes on your winnings. Isn't that great? Your odds of winning are increased and at the same time, you get to enjoy your payout in full.

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