Bigger Jackpot with Progressive Video Keno

The game of keno is not only a popular casino game but is also known for its colorful and meaningful origin. Although the game is not of American origin it absolutely became a big hit among American gamblers. Because of the warm patronage of the general gambling community, the game of keno became a mainstay game offered by many casinos.

As the game of keno grows in popularity, video keno game emerged as one of its modern game variance. The player will not be playing on a keno lounge but will be playing against a keno machine only.

One of the best features of the video keno game is the progressive jackpot that can be played which is not usually offered from the regular game of keno. The regular keno game usually has a standard fixed jackpot rate for its players to win. The progressive jackpot in video keno however increases as more keno players contribute to play.

Most of the video keno games with the progressive jackpot usually begin with a $50,000 initial jackpot that increases as more bets are played. But the game is typically the same as the regular keno game where players need to place a bet on ten numbers and needs to match all those numbers to the winning numbers drawn in order to qualify winning the progressive jackpot.

Players of video keno can also have their own share of winning when they match smaller sets of winning numbers based on a winning percentage from the progressive jackpot. If a player wins nine numbers for instance they can win about 25% from the progressive jackpot while eight winning numbers has a corresponding 10% win taken from the progressive jackpot.

The game of video keno is played with a fixed rate of $0.25 denomination which is more highly affordable to all keno players. Players can deposit their bets with denominations from $5 up to $100 or more if they can afford and the machine will automatically deduct the bets placed in every game of the player from the player's credit.

Players have the choice whether to play for a single bet or a maximum bet of 4 coins which will entitle a player to win the progressive jackpot. It is empirical for video keno players to note that playing only for maximum coins can they be entitled to win for the progressive jackpot.

It is also important to know that every press of the bet button is equivalent to a single bet hence to place a maximum bet of 4 coins video keno players should make sure to press the bet button four times for the maximum bet and to play for the progressive jackpot of video keno.

The only goal of the player is to match their chosen numbers to the winning numbers drawn by the keno machine and all ten numbers should match the winning combinations to enjoy the big progressive jackpot. The game is played with randomness which basically makes video keno a game of chance.

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